Microcontroller programming and web interfaces

Custom smart devices

Prototype for your invention

Kriimsilm Tehnoloogiad OÜ is a one person company specializing in programming that is closely related to electronics.
Electronics engineering for a prototype or small batch production available too.


Anna Jõgi

I was first introduced to electronics in 2010, while working as a web front-end developer and studying physics in Taltech. However, I didn’t become a physicist, instead continued to learn about electronics on my own, and I found programming for microcontrollers more interesting than web development.

The Estonian Academy of Arts has trusted me with teaching tasks: since 2016, I have been teaching the course “Arduino for beginners”, which gives basic knowledge about electronics and programming; and since 2017 I have been instructing the “Tangible design” course for interaction design master’s students.

In 2017-2019, after launching Kriimsilm Tehnoloogiad OÜ I acquired my first experience as a microcontroller programmer, for actual electronics products, under the supervision of Protoskoop OÜ.

Then I took a break from electronics during 2019-2020, working as a software developer and analyst at hugo.legal, where I got to build chatbots and automate data streams.

In 2021 I was employed as a developer in a transportation robot project at Taltech. My task was to program computer vision and movement of the robot relying on ROS tools.

I am currently an instructor in the prototyping lab of the Estonian Academy of Arts, and also in 2021-2022 I’m participating as a programmer in a research project that includes building a novel device.

I established Kriimsilm Tehnoloogiad to use my skills in different fields – programming microcontrollers and electronics engineering and web development – for small hardware projects. By now, I have also acquired 3D CAD drawing skills allowing me to create 3D printed parts.


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