Electromechanical part for a kinematic art piece

Author: Eve Kask. At exhibition “Nahk mäletab kõike” in Vabaduse galerii, in 2022.

15 stepper motors controlled by an Arduino are turning at individually varying speeds and occasionally changing direction. To give control over the movement to the artist I also made a “recording” program that took input from user via a slider potentiometer, one motor following the input real time and also saving the sequence.

Doll houses workshop

I was instructing a doll houses workshop at a company event. I prepared blank pieces of a house where the participants later cut windows according to their preference and painted and glued the interior design. (2019)

BitPat electronics

BitPat is invention by Kadi Pajupuu. We built the prototype with help of our hackathon team at Tehnohack 2017 event. BitPat is an add-on for hand loom that allows to lift warp threads individually. Pattern created in computer is transferred by solenoids to the loom mechanism. After the hackathon I made Eagle CAD drawing of needed printed circuit boards. A BitPat device needs one “brain” consisting of Arduino microcontroller, screen and SD card reader. Because the number of solenoids can vary from device to device I made driver module for 8 solenoids, several of which can be added.


MultiWeave is Kadi Pajupuu’s invention that allows for new kind of textile (or non textile thread material) weaving. It’s an ongoing applied research project of Tartu Art College.

The invention uses established CNC technology along with an original thread fixture. I participated in teams that built two prototypes of the machine, respectively called MultiWeave and SpiderWeave, mostly at hackathons.

Software part of the project was much larger. I coded the user interface that allows to draw patterns for weaving the new kind of textile. And then convert the pattern into g-code for running a CNC machine. You can check out the pattern software here: libahunt.ee/multiweave